My dream

I think I’ve said it a few times on here but I’ve loved Dolphins for as long as I can remember. Seeing them in the wild has been a dream of mine though I have never had the chance to go and see them anywhere.

In August I went to Rhodes, Greece.

We went on a boat trip to Lindos and we asked the guide if there was any chance of seeing Dolphins. She said it could happen but it was not guaranteed. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t. They hadn’t seen them for a few weeks.

We went to Lindos and melted. Literally!

Then we returned back to the boat for our trip back to Rhodes town.

There were about 100 people on this boat. We had got seats at the side of the boat this time. On the way there we were in the middle.

I was shattered. I rested my head on the bar, which wasn’t great as it did nothing but vibrate. I closed my eyes to rest them.  My mum said that it was a bit hazy, which it was compared to the pure sunshine earlier in the day. I opened my eyes at this moment and just looked into the distance. At this time I thought I saw something jump out of the water, in the direction we were heading. I didn’t have my hopes up as I feel waves can trick you at times. Anyway, I sat up just to double check and I definitely saw a dolphin jump out of the water!

I literally jumped up and said ‘There’s a dolphin!’ My mum asked where and I was running towards the bow of the ship at this point. My mum caught up to me as I waited to see if I could see one again. Then there it was. I was completely ecstatic! The guide came running up and asked where it was. At this time I think some people had heard me shout it and we’re looking themselves. The people at the bow were looking in the water near the bow. I said I think it could be there now. The guide took my hand and pulled me through the captains wheelhouse down to the bow of the shop. We were originally on one of the upper levels. We looked over the side and low and behold, there was a dolphin riding the waves. I was shaking! This was something I had dreamt of for years. I mean years! It happened and I didn’t expect it to happen . I did not get my hopes up.

There ended up being two Dolphins. One either side of the ship.

I was shaking while trying to capture pictures. I didn’t even have my best camera with me. I just clicked away and hoped for the best, while also trying to take in this amazing moment. After a few minutes at the bow they went towards the back of the ship and then they disappeared.

You honestly have no idea how much this meant to me. I didn’t think I’d feel like that but I did. I almost cried! I’ve seen Dolphins in person, I’ve swam with one and yet this seemed like such a pure, surreal moment. It was natural. They were living their life how they wanted too. They had a bit of fun and then probably went off in search of food.

Seeing Dolphins in the wild cemented for me that a life in captivity is not a life for them.


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