I want love to prevail

My mummy was crying in the kitchen
I had no idea why
I went to give her a kiss and a hug
When she said my uncle was a great guy
My uncle went to Japan
On what I thought was a holiday
Although now he is there in prison
As he only wanted to stay
I did not understand why that was bad
My uncle was always good
He went out to Japan to look after the dolphins
Though he couldn’t stop the running of blood
See, some people in Japan, they are quite sad
As they torture the dolphins in the sea
They round them up with their boats
For them to sell to you and me
They are terrified, frightened and anxious
They’re kidnapped, stabbed and killed
Their families are torn apart
By these ‘people’ who must be unfulfilled.
My uncle went out there to help them
To save them and send them back home
But now he is stuck in a prison cell
Because he didn’t want to leave them alone.
I do not understand some people,
Though, I am only a child
Why are they tearing apart families?
When they all belong out there in the wild
The world does not belong to people
It is not ours to do what we like
Greed, power and money
Seems to come from these adults who are ‘child like.’
I want my uncle to make it home
I want all of the dolphins to live in peace
I want love to prevail in this broken world
This really needs to cease.

*I’m not great at poems, I never have been but I had to write something down. I cry every time I hear about what is happening in Taiji Japan and other places around the world. We need to stop this now. There is no need for it. There is so much pain and suffering being caused and it does not need to happen.


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