The National Anthem

I would say I was patriotic. 

Right now, watching the Olympics, I feel like I am right there cheering on team GB. 

One thing I have noticed is how hardly any of our Olympians sing the National Anthem. I am not saying that’s a bad thing but compared to the other countries who sing, or salute or both, I think it’s weird that we don’t. Then again, I think that also shows our Britishness. 

I thought about it and wondered how people learn the National Anthem. I hardly know any of it and it isn’t like we hear it a lot, other than for games or competitions. If we don’t go to them or take part in them, how do we learn it? 

Why isn’t it something that is taught in schools? I think children need to be taught more about the history of the U.K. Apart form world war 1, 2 and Henry the 8th, I can’t remember being taught anything else. There are other battles that happened, public figures who did great things. I’ve learnt more about the history of the U.K. by watching American programmes. 

I think children (and adults) should have some idea about the Royal Family, past and present. Not just one King who obviously wasn’t a good husband. To be quite honest, I have no idea what the Royal Family does for us. I like them, but what do they do? In the past I feel like they were much more involved in the politics side of things, though I wasn’t taught that so I could be completely wrong. I’m just saying that it would be good to know. Maybe that way the rest of the country would be more patriotic. 

When the term starts, I’m going to teach my 3-4 year olds (and myself) the National Anthem. 

How can we be ‘Great Britain’ when we have no idea what made it great in the first place? 

While I’m talking about being patriotic and the Royal Family. Here are some pictures of when we accidentally stumbled upon them. We had no idea they were coming out. We just followed the crowds when we were at Trafalgar Square, thinking something had finished as most people were heading towards us. We walked down the Mall and everyone was looking at Buckingham Palace. Low and behold, who came out? Everyone! This was a few years ago now and I had a rubbish camera. 


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