100 miles per hour

My mind will not stop. It is constantly thinking, ‘You need to get this,’ ‘You need to do that, ‘Did you do that?’ These are normal things, but it is in overdrive at the moment. 

I have so much on my mind that I am forgetting simple things. I have always said I have a good memory. You need someone to remind you about something, I’m your girl! You need to know someone’s birthday, I’ll tell you! Yet lately, I am forgetting the most simplest of things and that is not like me. I am mixing words and sentences up when talking, that is not me. 

I am hoping it is due to work. I work at a school and you may think I have the holidays off, but I do not. I am the holiday club coordinator, which is good, but I am also the 2 year old room supervisor. Both of these are open at the same times. I can be in the two year old room wondering if I explained enough to the staff in the holiday club about the activities to do that day. I am in the holiday club wondering if I have done this or that for a certain child. If I’m not at work I’m walking all around town buying things for both of these rooms which takes me all day to find the cheapest places to buy things from and I don’t have a car. 

In September, I am going to be the nursery manager and will be with the 3-4 year old children. I am so excited to do this because it’s what I’ve been doing for most of the year while covering for the current nursery manager who was on maternity leave. But now, at the moment. I have the 2 year old room in my head, the holiday club and the 3 year old room. I am up and down stairs photocopying things and moving things around for September, while also doing my current full time job in the 2 year old room and the holiday club. 

I am so lucky to be in this position, I know that. I shouldn’t be moaning but sometimes you just need to breath and I haven’t got that because my mind is on full throttle. 

To top it off, the one week the whole school is closed  at the end of the holidays. That is classed as one of my 4 weeks paid holidays. Is now only closed for 3 days (including bank holiday) as there are two teacher training days that week. It’s never been like that and I’ve been there 10 years this year. How is that fair? 


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