EU Referendum

We go to vote in two days and I still have no idea what I am going to do. 

I am awful at politics. I am a person who needs facts and with this referendum I have seen everything but facts. 

This is something that could change the lives of the U.K people forever, and I think a lot of us have no clue. Which is no good with two days to go. 

I hear something from one side which I agree with but then I hear something from the other side that makes me change my mind. 

I want what’s best for the country. For everyone who lives here. Immigration is the last thing on my mind. I understand we are a small place and I don’t want lots of people flooding in, there does need to be more controlled measures but at the same time I know there are people from elsewhere who do have great skills to offer. Some people just want a better life for their family. If they can work to do that, then I see no problem.

The biggest thing I am interest in, is the NHS. We need it. We are so lucky to have it. Yet I think it could be in trouble either way. 

I want British people to be proud to be British. I want them to show their British values and do something to make this country proud. We need to work together to put the ‘Great’ back in ‘Great Britain.’ 

We need to stop blaming everyone else and we need to take control.

It’s kind of that British thing where we love to moan about where we live, but if we hear anyone else moan about it, all hell could break lose. Stop moaning about it and actually do something about it. I don’t just mean the referendum. Do something to make you feel proud to live in Great Britain.


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