I would love to know what my life would be like if we had not got a computer when I was 14.

I was one of the last of my friends to get a computer and I only needed it for school, though of course I got sucked in. I ended up spending every evening on the computer. I loved the amount of information you could find out on any and everything and how you could connect with people around the world. When we got the computer I had just moved home which was further away from my school and friends, so this was my life. I didn’t know the people in my area, I went on the computer instead of going out. I wish I made more of an effort.

I then got an iPad a few years back, and looking at it now, It was the worst decision I could have made. I mainly did the same things. I went on the same pages and social sites, all the time. Looking at this now, I feel it was soul destroying. My concentration went straight down. I felt like I was connecting with people around the world when it was further from the truth. I just hate it.

Now I have my phone, which is just a mini iPad. I do the same things on it, as I did with my iPad. Yet now, I know what it’s done to me. I don’t look at it every second. I’ve cut down on going on the same sites all the time as I know it will all be there later to look at. If I’m watching something, I don’t look at it. That is what I found the biggest problem to be. I loved watching films and programmes, but I ended up looking at my phone midway through and taking no notice of what I was supposed to be watching. I was always good during meals, I would not look at my phone then.

As I have stopped paying so much attention to my phone, I have noticed this is exactly what is happening to those around me. Family members are glued to their phones. Their favourite programmes are on, but they are scrolling through Facebook all the time. I talk to them and I know it is not sinking in. Now, I  don’t see the attraction. I see no interaction between people and I think it’s scary. People feel they are connecting but they’re disconnecting.

I wish I could go back and not have a computer in the first place. I am so glad I had a childhood before technology because I know it is totally different for children these days. 100%! I have worked with two and three year old children for 10 years and I can  see how it has changed over the years and how it has affected them. The imagination is an amazing aspect, one that is slowly changing, disappearing or finding it hard to break free.


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