Animals – humans

I love animals. I always have. I do not care what kind of animal they are. They could be an insect or an elephant and they all would have the same amount of respect from me.

Due to humans, their greed and destruction, animals are in Zoos, Wildlife Parks, extinct or on the edge of extinction. I bet if not 100% atleast 99 % of these situations are due to us. I think when people started trading animals and keeping wild animals hundreds of years ago, it was about money and even now it hasn’t changed because I know there are still places that only have the animals so people will pay to see them, interact with them or have a picture with them.

I have been so disturbed by resent events. I feel in this day and age we should have seen the destruction previously caused and we would realise what would be best for all of these animals, these species we share a home with. Again, our home. I have said it so many times before.

I have heard how a tiger temple in Thailand had dead cubs and hurt tigers; how a shark died in Australia because it had bitten someone and then how a gorilla was shot dead for the safety of a little boy, all horrendous cases.

The Thailand case was clearly greed and I am so disgusted in the treatment those tigers went through. How the hell do people think it’s ok to treat animals like that? Seriously! With the shark, that was the sharks territory. I am deeply sorry for the person who was bitten but they went into the sharks’ territory, they must have known sharks may swim those waters and yet ‘obviously’ the shark had to die. NO! Why? I feel so bad for the gorilla. I was not there and so of course I do not know the full range of events but I think the people involved must have thought that was the right course of action. Do I think it was the right one? I have no idea. I want to say no but then again, I was not there. However, I feel so bad that the gorilla was in there for human entertainment and then died due to human error and I am not saying the parents.

It’s us, it’s always us. Pain, suffering and destruction. I cannot read or listen to the news because I become so upset. I know there is good in the world and there are people spending their lives to campaign for the lives of animals, but there will always be something somewhere that we are not aware off or are and turn a blind eye too.

I recently went to Yorkshire Wildlife Park. I’ve been to a few Zoos growing up and on a safari (In the UK) and even as a child I always felt bad for the animals behind the cages. I think this is the third or fourth time that I have been to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park and it is my favourite. In an ideal world, they would all be in the wild but SURPRISE due to us that is not possible. They have a higher chance of dying out there due to poaching or loss of habitat but then at the same time they are in enclosures which is awful.

The reason it is my favourite is actually because of the enclosures here, they are much larger than the ones I have seen elsewhere, though I hope there are bigger ones in other parts of the world. They are not concrete blocks. They have  land and water, again, nothing to match the real thing, but for those who are there for certain reasons, it may be the best they have ever experienced.

The first picture is one of the lion enclosures, there are three all together. The second is a polar bear enclosure though they are developing two more.

The lions here were rescued from Romania where they lived in awful conditions and had a number of health problems. One of the Polar Bears lived in a  concrete cage. The Wildlife Park are taking part in conservation efforts to re-populate some species.There are two Amur Leopards who have had two cubs and can you believe there are only 70 left in the wild? 70!

I wish I had the power and ability to help all animals but I don’t. No one person will. It has to be a joint effort. People need to realise how beautiful these animals are and how they belong in the wild, not at home, not in a cage, not in a freezer, not even a zoo, but will that ever happen?


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