Weekend away

Last weekend, my mum’s side of the family and myself went away to a cottage. It is the first time we have all been away together since my cousins, sister and myself were children. I would say 18 years. Maybe?

We used to go to a place called Butlins in Skegness which is still going strong and provides family entertainment along with leisure activities and all of the food you can imagine. It used to be a bargain, though now it has sky rocketed! However, I think it has lost it’s mojo, unless that is just because I am older?

We stayed in a beautiful cottage, well two cottages, near Nafferton, Yorkshire in the UK. It was beautiful. The two cottages were next door to each other with the home of the owners also connected. As we had both cottages we also had an annex and full use of two hot tubs, a swimming pool, sauna, gym, pool room, table tennis room and a board game room. Now, if that isn’t enough to keep you busy then I don’t know what will. There was a beautiful lane which had highland cows and wild rabbits next to it. It was picturesque.

I expected a few moments where people would want their own space or not get along as we hadn’t really spent that much time together as people have got older, moved out, had children and so on. We still see each other of course, but for all of us to be together it would be a few hours one day or some evenings.

It was a nice time to just relax and have some fun. We went to Bridlington one day where the children went on some rides, the adults explored and all of us went on a speedboat which was totally exhilarating. We had a full day at the cottage where we swam in the pool, relaxed in the hot tubs and I ‘played’ pool. Nailed it! (I wish)

We had to be out of the cottages by 9am on the Monday morning and on this day we decided to go to Flamingo land which is a theme park and also a zoo. We had two nice relaxing days finished of by an exhausting one, which also ended up being the one with downpours.

I loved where we stayed. For 14 of us it was £70 each, which I think was a bargain! Where as Butlins is £2,500-£3000. Families could go abroad for that.

It has definitely made me want to go for more weekends away, though a car would make it 100 times easier.

I loved spending that time with my family, we had so much fun and to see my nieces enjoying themselves was a highlight.


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