Skin Problems

When I was a teenager I had the usual condition of acne. What a horrible word. It was not excessive, though at the time it seemed as if it was. I felt disgusting, isolated and dirty. I would get them all over my face. I have never really been a fan of make up, I can never find the right shade for my skin and I never had the money to buy loads to experiment with. I would cover them if I could, though I was not great, I’m still not.

I felt ashamed to have it, even now. As I was growing up I was always told I would grow out of it and sometimes I have. ‘Sometimes.’ I tried all of the most ‘popular’ brands out there and none of them worked for me. I tried them for years, and nothing! In the end I just used soap and water, which seemed to help. My skin has cleared up loads since my teenage years, though I still have blemishes and breakouts now and then. They seem to have worked their way around my face from my nose, cheeks,  and the sides of my face to my chin. I wouldn’t get loads but they were always the horrible ones that either went straight to a head or were big and red and never came to anything, *shudder,* I hate even thinking about them.

I hate how it made me feel and how it still makes me feel. I walk with my head down hoping no one can see them, even though they are obvious and even though others don’t care.

I still get the odd breakout, but another thing I do have a lot of is blackheads. I can’t decide if these are worse or not. I started to get them around the same time as my acne, just on my nose. Now, they are literally all over my face! How disgusting do I feel?! Again, I feel filthy. I look constantly dirty or greasy and it is disgusting. Nothing works! It’s not the odd one, there are probably hundreds (sorry about the detail) and they annoy me so much. I am nearly 28 and I feel like a teenager. So much for these things going as you get older! I also have large pores which don’t help.

I wanted this little rant because there are so many products out there and I know some may work for others but I would love to know how many actually work? None have for me and I’m tired of it. I feel really superficial moaning about this as I know people have daily struggles with other things whereas this is a cosmetic thing, but it makes me feel so small and gives me low self esteem which I think is bad for people to have.

Does anyone know of anything to help with blackheads? I would appreciate it so much if you have any ideas of anything that has helped with these. Again, I have used the best known products. I even used baking soda and had no luck 😦 *sigh.*

Also, TV adverts that have actors with perfectly clear skin is another problem with society.


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