Why shouldn’t I be safe?

I love to walk, I walk almost everywhere, I live and work close to the town centre which makes it easy for me to get around. I would love a car but there’s not much point when I can walk everywhere I need to go, except for those days I wish I could just get away.

Last night I went out for a meal to celebrate my aunts birthday and while most of the others stayed out, I went home, I walked home. When others heard this, I was offered a lift, which I am appreciative off, but I literally live five minutes away from where we had the meal. I politely declined. Later on I was offered again and I politely declined. We finished the meal around 8.30 and left the restaurant. We said our goodbyes and I was offered a lift once more, making sure I was fine with walking home. Again, the home that is 5 minutes away, yes it was dark, but I’ve walked in the dark hundreds of times. When it’s winter it’s dark at 4.00pm when I leave work and that’s a twenty minute walk away.

What I’m saying is that it made me paranoid. For those five minutes I kept checking that no one was following me. Why should I feel like that? I should not feel unsafe at any time of the day, let alone just because it’s dark. If we had all of the facts I wouldn’t be surprised if there were more crimes in the day then at night, but I shouldn’t feel that way, others shouldn’t feel that way. Just because it is dark it should not make us feel unsafe due to some people out there who cause those kinds of crimes. Yes I know they happen and I am aware of my surroundings, but why should I feel afraid?

People should have morals. They should hopefully know not to attack others, not to hurt others and not to make others feel uncomfortable, which I know is naive of me, I know there are people like that out there, but why are we made to feel more uncomfortable at night than in the day? I love being out in the dark! I would walk around at one in the morning if in the back of my head I didn’t think I’d get killed. Don’t you think that’s horrible? That we think we’re more likely to get attacked or killed at night because it’s dark and there are fewer people about? We shouldn’t ever have to think like that!

I know a lot of it is due to society but it also has a lot to do with the small minority that don’t have morals and end up ruining it for everyone else. If I want to go jogging with my headphones in at 1 in the morning, I should be able to do that without thinking I was going to get hurt and yet I don’t, just incase.


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