Undercover detective

There is a small car park just around the corner from where I live, though there are hardly ever any cars there. There is some grass just to the side of it, and then through an opening there is more grass where children often play football.

This is where the drug dealings go on.

Every day I take my dog for a walk around this area as she is old and cannot make it to the park. Every day I see these people who think they are being inconspicuous, (though they clearly are not) doing drug dealings. This is either in broad daylight or at night, they don’t seem to care.

When there are random people hanging around the corners, a person sat in their car or there is a group of people in one area who all then swarm to this one person who has just turned up, trying to act ‘smooth.’ I’m sorry, but sounding like Chandler Bing from Friends, ‘Could you BE anymore obvious?’

The amount of arrests I could have made being an officer is ridiculous and yet do the police do anything? NO! Have they been told? YES! Their answer ‘If we turned up, they would throw the drugs away and we could not charge them because it needs to be in their possession.’ So my hard-earned tax dollars are not taking drugs off the street because police who for some reason cannot walk the area, or go undercover, cannot do their job due to some stupid law that actually prevents them from doing the job they are supposed to do.

It is clearly obvious what these people are doing. I can walk straight past them while they are giving the drugs out. I know their faces. One comes with his dog, another comes with her baby, two come on their bikes. I’ve looked them in the eyes as they have waited, to try to get it into them that I know what they are doing. They don’t care. I have been right near them with my phone out, they don’t care.

Can police not walk around the streets undercover, to take photographs with their phones so then they have the evidence, or would this then be inadmissible due to those people not being told they were being filmed?

It is absolutely awful! They do this in front of the children playing on that green. These children walk around them and play near them. While these ‘grown-ups’ run up to this one person with the drugs and then make a swap and all head out in other directions.

Why can’t this be stopped? These people need help and the police need to be able to do their job!


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