The Sourced Box

I have been trying to find healthier snacks to eat as I have recently been into cleaner and healthier eating. As a newbie,  it is hard to find what is out there and what is available. I am still learning which foods are good when working out and I am also looking for foods low in sugar and with less refined sugar.

For years I have watched YouTube videos, particularly vloggers. Through this I came across Marcus Butler and Niomi Smart. I enjoy watching their videos as they seem like warm, down to earth and kind people. I have been able to see their journey from the beginning, with them becoming more interested in fitness and good foods. Seeing them do this and how happy they seem to be with their body results and own well being, it has helped me to spend more time on myself and look at what is good for me.

I enjoy seeing their videos and watching some workout routines they do but, also the eating side of things. They often show you meals they have made or snacks they have been eating. So, you can understand my excitement when I learned they were putting together a snack box for us to buy.

They have created their business ‘The Sourced Box’, with their friend Max, and they choose snacks to put in that they have tried and tested, for us to then receive each month for a payment . This has come at a great time for me as I can see what is out there. They choose snacks from different companies and so I hope when I try them and hopefully like them, I can look into these other companies more and see what else they have on offer.

I have just received my first box. It is a good size and seems quite sturdy.


I am not sure if it will last me a whole month, though I cannot wait to get stuck in!


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  1. They look really good! I haven’t gotten my hands on one yet but I really do want one..


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