You’re a Skeleton

Society is a strange thing to be a part of. Things are seen differently all over the world. In one place your actions may seem acceptable and then in another they are not. In one place they may say you look ‘normal’ and then in another you are ‘weird.’

I do not understand people’s obsession with telling you how you look. People feel it is ok to call you ‘fat’ or ‘skinny.’ Why? I am sure that person knows they are overweight, but do you know why? I am sure that person may know they are ‘skinny,’ but do you know why? These comments are harmful.

I have never been a big person. I have never thought that I have been overweight or skinny.

In September 2014 I took up jogging. I did a programme called ‘Couch to 5k’ to help get me going as I have never been a runner. By December I had started to receive comments that I had lost weight, which I was not aware off. I started jogging as a hobby, I didn’t even have it in my mind to lose any weight. After these comments I checked the scales and I was the same. After I had finished the programme I continued to jog as I did enjoy it, though I can not jog for too long as I get pains in my hips. I did get this checked out years ago with x-rays and ultrasounds though nothing could be found. They only really seem to hurt if I run, but not all of the time. 

I decided I wanted to tone parts of my body and so I looked into different ways to do this. I came across a programme from Emily Skye. She had always been slim and she wanted to become leaner and she has added muscle. I thought this was a good programme as it was not particularly about losing weight but adding muscle. I didn’t want to become a body builder but I did want to tone the fat I had. I started this programme in September 2015. You receive an exercise plan and a food plan. I only followed the exercises as I was starting to eat healthier but I can be picky with food and I didn’t like a lot of the meals. I have used some of them. 

You are advised to do before and after photos and measurements, which I did. I have taken photos during each phase. Phase 1, phase 2 and phase 3 and apart from my thighs and biceps I can not see much of a difference. I have not recently done the measurements though when I did, they had not changed. I had however gone down  a size in clothes. I have not checked the scales because if you were to add muscle you would gain weight and not lose it.

Though, once again I started to receive comments that I had lost weight. People started saying I was ‘skinny’ and a ‘skeleton.’ That hurt. I am sure it may hurt some people if they are being called fat but being called a skeleton hurts aswell, especially when I am not. You can’t see my bones or anything. I still eat normal meals, just a little healthier. I admit that I do not seem to have added much muscle but I believe that is due to me not eating as much extra food as you should when working out. I know I need to do that and I have started too. 

When you work hard to look after yourself; to eat healthier, cleaner foods and to work out to help your body and yourself, and then to hear comments like that, it’s off putting. You doubt yourself. Am I too skinny? Should I start eating junk again? I believe, unless you feel a person is honestly underweight/overweight and in danger and causing damage to their bodies and themselves, those comments should not be thrown around like that. I like working out, it’s a new hobby and I’ve never felt better about myself. I may not be as toned as I would like to be but I always look forward to working out. I have mini biceps on my arms and I have never felt better about my legs. 

I believe people really need to be careful about what they say to others. If you think being called skinny or a skeleton is compliment, it is not. It really gets me down and I don’t want to feel that way by doing something I enjoy. I don’t jog as much with me doing that programme and I loved jogging, but I also don’t want to damage my hips by whatever is happening in there. To go from one hobby to another that I really enjoy is good for me. I can feel down and low on energy but I will then do a workout and feel happy and re-energised.

Please, please think about what you say to others.

2015-12-08 21.47.17
The first photo was a few years ago. I don’t think that was how I looked before I started jogging though I found the picture and realised how I different I looked compared to now (the one on the right)




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  1. More than telling people they are Fat/Skinny, we should advise people to be comfortable in their own skin and strut that with Confidence.
    I really liked your thoughts! Glad to stop by! 😊

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    1. charmeddreamandbelieve says:

      I completely agree!

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