Take some time

I love going for walks. I walk almost everywhere. I live close to the town centre making it pretty easy for me to get to where I need to be. I live a twenty minute walk away from work and a lot of my friends are 5-45 minutes away. It’s what I do, I always have. Even as a child we would walk to the beach which was a good 3 mile walk. I still do that now and I live further away. Walking is my time to think. To think about anything and everything. A lot of these walks are with my dog. She has 3 walks a day. Even now that she is 16, we go for a walk around the block. It may not seem like much but it’s our time.

On these walks I love to look at the sky. I am not sure why but it makes everything seem so serene. I walk to work and I see the sunrises, I go for a jog in the evenings and I see the sunset, I walk my dog at night and I see the stars. I swear when it’s dark I’m looking up more than I am looking ahead.

The sky changes everyday. It really is beautiful. I could have had an awful, hectic day but then I see an awesome sunset and it relaxes me. It reminds me to take some time and look at the bigger picture. I just wish everybody was able to find a way to do that.



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