Fox Hunting

I am not sure what it is, though I do not understand why people feel the need to kill animals for ‘sport?’ A part of me wonders what is wrong with their own life that they would get joy from seeing something murdered and torn to shreds in front of them? Something that is no threat to them what so ever.

Fox hunting has been banned in England and Wales for a number of years and yet people still get together with their horses and hounds to go on these hunts. Why are they not being stopped? What are the government and police doing to let these people know this is not acceptable? Murdering people is against the law, but you know, it’s fun, so I’m going to do it anyway. Better yet, I’ll get all of my friends together and we’ll go on a murdering spree. NO! If we did that there would be repercussions, so why is it ok to do it to foxes?

Excuses such as ‘they eat our livestock,’ ‘we’re over run with them’ etc etc are rubbish! People have made species extinct because of our selfishness, because we are the runs who are over taking everything. Foxes do it to survive, where as humans do things like this for ‘sport’.

It is the same with the seal hunts and all the other kinds of hunting people do. There is no need for it now. Humans have ‘developed.’ Some say we are supposed to be the most ‘intelligent,’ when it’s cases like these that clearly show we are not. Humans should be able to find other ways to have ‘fun’. They should be finding more humane ways to look after those animals we do eat. To ensure they are still living their life to the fullest, away from pain before we take it away. Yet no, we have to cause more suffering and destruction as usual.

As if there isn’t enough of it in the world already.


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