What gives us the right?

Dolphins have been my favourite animal for as long as I can remember. When I was 10 I went on a school trip and when I returned my mum had decorated my bedroom with dolphins and planets, as I loved Space also. I was in love with that bedroom, though of course it was nothing compared to seeing the real thing.

I do not even fully understand why they are my favourite animal compared to all of the others, I just know that they are. Maybe it is the way they glide through the water? Maybe it is how they seem to think and work together as a family, or maybe it is just how they are perceived in general. When I was younger I would read countless books and watch varied documentaries to find out more about them. It was not until I became older that I realised the dangers they face, mainly from us.

I had to stop watching those documentaries because of the pain I felt after realising all of the suffering humans caused them. I know it’s not just them, It is probably every animal on this planet, including ourselves.

When I was 18 I went to Florida, and as a birthday gift my dad and his wife had a ‘surprise’ for me. I knew it was swimming with dolphins though I hoped it was not. This is around the time that I began to learn captivity was not for them. They did not deserve to be there whatsoever. It is from human greed that those dolphins had been torn from their families and put there for our ‘entertainment.’ It turned out that is exactly what my gift was, I felt awful! If I had said I didn’t want to do it, I would have seemed as a selfish girl who didn’t appreciate anything, because I know how expensive it must have been but at the same time I hated what those dolphins had to go through. With me doing that, I could 100% see that that was not the life for them. Those tanks are nothing compared to the ocean! Seriously, I was disgusted! It wasn’t just the dolphins, it was the whales and Orcas too. Those tanks are like the size of a sink for those animals. The pain I feel just writing about it hurts me so much, let alone all of those animals living there, in tanks, all around the world. It wasn’t just their accommodation either, it was the tasks they had to do, which I know they had to do day in and day out. It’s ridiculous!

This takes me to the dolphin hunts, a main one being in Taiji, Japan. They do these every year. People on ships drive dolphins into a cove, in Taiji Japan and torture these animals. These beautiul, intelligent animals. For what? For money and greed as usual. They are beaten, stabbed, you name it. Some are killed for meat and others for our ‘entertainment.’ It is sickening and it literally hurts me to the core thinking about what they go through. Why do humans feel it is ok for us to do this? What gives us the right to do this? Who said we are in control of this planet and we can do what the hell we want? We can’t! We need to stop! It’s not just dolphins. A lot of unnecessary pain is caused because of us. It makes me so angry. If humans did that to one another they would see consequences, but yet to do it to a different life it is deemed ok? ARGH! It is not just Japan where this happens. There are pilot whale hunts in the Faroe Islands aswell as other whaling that goes on around the world.

We have been able to develop so many different ways to do things now that we do not need to do this any more. We should have evolved enough to know that this is wrong and no longer needs to happen. There are so many different forms of entertainment now that we do not need to make animals suffer for this. There are so many different dishes you can cook, without causing more suffering.

Some documentaries you may be interested in are ‘The Cove’ and ‘Blackfish.’ They really make you think, and I believe they are truly heartbreaking. There is so much pain in this world and I’d say that 95% of it is caused by us, or those that just see money as their end goal. It’s ridiculous.

I believe there is nothing better than seeing an animal, no matter what animal it is, in their natural habitat. You can learn so much more about them and what they are capable off by seeing them do their own thing. I want nothing more than to be able to see whales and dolphins in the wild, sharks too. Humans need to stop making stupid excuses such as ‘entertainment’, ‘scientific research’ and ‘if we don’t kill them then they’ll kill us.’ We are going into their homes and tearing them apart from their families when there is absolutely no need.




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