It’s no secret that I love Supernatural. I have watched it since season 1, ten years ago. I have never stopped watching it, I always try to keep upto date and I still get as excited watching it now as I did all those years ago.

With Supernatural there are certain episodes that stand out, such as ‘Lazarus Rising’ and ‘Swan Song,’ mainly due to the amazing writing and acting. Then there are more comical episodes or episodes that push the boundaries such as ‘The French Mistake’ and ‘Changing Channels.’ If I ever want to watch an episode of Supernatural, I know what it is called and what season it is on. You can watch them over and over again, and they are still as good as the previous twenty times. I can’t seem to do that with other programmes. I like watching The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, but at the same time I can’t think of an episode that I would like to go back and rewatch. I would quite happily go back and watch a whole season, but there are no episodes that seem to stand out or stand on their own.

With watching Supernatural I have come to love the 1967 Chevy Impala. I feel as though I need one in my life. I’m not even a car person but I love that car! I love the way it looks, the way it sounds and the way it moves.

I also love how they have treated ‘Baby’ as a character in the show. She is Sam and Dean’s home, she’s been there no matter what, and yes I know it’s a car but I’m also a hoarder so something like that would mean a lot to me if I was in their situation. I have watched the ‘Baby’ episode and I thought it was brilliant. It reenergised the show for me, I felt even more excited than before. It felt fresh and different. To me, it was as if Baby had a soul and was totally ‘present’ with Sam and Dean. For the writing to be able to achieve that and portray it to the Supernatural Fandom who love this car as much as them, is a difficult job to do. I was sceptical at first because I can be easily annoyed when I notice cameras shake during programmes or films, though this was not the case. I understand how difficult it must have been to get those camera angles and be able to pull this episode off. I could have watched more.

You would think that with Supernatural being around for eleven seasons the writers would run out of ideas, but I think this was one of their best and one which I would quite happily watch over and over again.


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