Am I lonely?

What do you do on your own?

Do you go to restaurants by yourself? The cinema? Holidays? I do!

The situation that I’m in, is that I only have a small group of friends. I have my work friends and my friends from school, and they’re all in different places compared to me. Literally all, and I mean all are in relationships or have children. This can make it difficult to plan things, to go out and just explore. So I do those things on my own. I wouldn’t say I’m lonely. I can be lonely at times but I like my own company. I prefer to be away from others now and again. I work with children and my friends have children, and so any time I can have on my own, I cherish. At the weekends I need to make sure I have at least half a day on Sundays to myself, otherwise I do not feel like I have had a break from work.

I do not understand why some people do not like doing things on their own? I know some are worried about what others may say or think, although whenever I see someone on their own I just smile. I like that they are comfortable enough going to a restaurant on their own. Why not? Why miss out on things because someone you may know is not able to join you? I love going to the cinema by myself! There’s no one to keep talking about it to me, while I’m watching it.

The one thing I do hate is looking for holidays. I’ve been to America by myself and I’ve had no problems. What I would like, is a beach holiday. Just for a few days to get away from it all, the problem? They are double the price for people going at it alone. How is that fair? It annoys me so much! I have been looking for just a few nights, somewhere warm and on my own. Will that happen? I doubt it. I guess that’s a whole different story.

What I am trying to say is, do not let being by yourself stop you from doing the things you enjoy. Most of the time you will meet new people by doing just that 🙂


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