My favourite television programmes all have something in common. They have magic, friendship, love, vampires, demons, witches and the SUPERNATURAL. 

I believe this could have started with ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch.’ I was utterly disappointed when I turned 16 and had not received powers. I then went on to ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ and ‘Charmed.’  I think along with the obvious themes of these shows I also loved how much they cared for one another and how they were always there for each other no matter how many times they ‘killed’ each other or tried to kill one another.

Then along came Supernatural.

Some find it hard to describe what Supernatural is about as there is always so much happening. One thing that is constant is the love between the brothers, Sam and Dean. The connection they have is what I think most people crave to have with someone. The love they have is epic. The actors who play them, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, play them beautifully and perfectly. You can feel their pain, angst, turmoil and hope. What is even better is that Jared and Jensen are best friends in real life. I love it when actors in films or programmes are friends outside of their work.

With Supernatural comes the Supernatural family. This is what the cast, crew and fans call themselves. I believe everyone involved with Supernatural gets it right. They produce incredible episodes, have a soundtrack to die for and create memorable one liners. They also do conventions. This is where the cast and some of the crew go to different cities and countries around the world and interact with the ‘fans’ or family as they call them. There is a quote from Supernatural that is ‘Family don’t end with blood.’

At these conventions the cast take part in panels where people can ask them questions about the show or their lives. There are meet and greets; coffee lounges, photo opportunities and autograph sessions. Some nights they have parties, concerts or do karaoke which involve some of the cast members. Through these conventions we have come to learn more about the actors themselves and not just the characters. I have had the opportunity to go to four conventions now, all placed in the UK.

During the panels there are times where I cringe at a certain question because I myself am not the type of person to ask anyone I know those types of things, though the cast seem to take everything with a pinch of salt. Questions asked are about what has happened on the show. How do the cast feel about something that has happened? What would they like to see happen? How did they do a certain section etc. They are asked about their personal lives and they have no problem talking about their families and friends outside of the show. They do this in front of thousands of people. They are also asked ‘what if’ questions and how they feel about fan fiction and so on. Considering how long Supernatural takes to film, and how long the cast are away from their families. They still go to numerous conventions. They do not need to do this. Can you imagine answering the same questions over and over again? Taking over a thousand photographs in a couple of days? Writing thousands of signatures. Yet they do. I am not sure why they personally choose to do it, though they always seem to be thankful to everyone who watches the show.

To the ‘fans’, having a few seconds to take a photograph, or a quick hello at the autograph signing can mean everything. I have heard countless stories about how Supernatural and the cast have helped people in their everyday lives, I have witnessed a girl crying at an autograph session with Jared, and the way he interacted with her was so touching and thoughtful that I teared up.

The thing with Supernatural is that you fall in love with the characters and at the conventions you admire the actors. They are so humble and charming, even the guest actors. They are loved by so many and they themselves have become friends with other cast members who they had not even worked with but became friends from going to the conventions themselves. They are all so involved and you can tell how much they love the show themselves. They all take part in parodies, gag reels or ‘mockumentaries.’ I myself, enjoy watching the relationships the cast have with each other, because without us watching Supernatural they would not have become such good friends, their lives would not have changed and yet some of them have become the best of friends.

At the conventions it does feel like a family atmosphere. You’re all there because of your love for Supernatural. Some people may not understand it but being in a place with others that like the same thing as you is huge for some. A lot of people go on their own, they’re shy and yet they come out of their ‘shells’ at these conventions.’

Every single cast member I have met has been lovely. They have all been polite and present. There have been extremely funny moments with the cast interacting with each other and ‘crashing panels.’ Just recently at Asylum 14, the convention in the UK, Misha Collins who plays Castiel, crashed both Jensen and Jared’s panels with people from his coffee lounge while doing the conga to Taylor Swifts’ ‘Shake it off.’ This was featured on an episode of Supernatural. There are lots of inside jokes between the cast and ‘fans’, things that people who do not watch the show would not understand.

I was able to meet Jared and Jensen for the first time at this convention, and they are exactly how I thought they would be after seeing countless videos and interviews on YouTube. I was able to meet two of my favourite actors! I still have the biggest smile on my face two weeks later.

I had never fully accepted the ‘Supernatural family’ until recently when one of the actors started going through a bit of a hard time and everyone came together to show him love. The cast, crew and fans. The whole ‘family.’ I thought it was truly amazing that so many people came together to look out for a person who has done so much for others.

Supernatural is truly an incredible show. You get drawn in and you feel what they feel. I am able to understand the difference between what is real and what is fiction. I know some may think we are crazy fan girls who are just obsessed and cannot tell what is real or not. I myself just love the fact that the cast are such good friends outside of their work and travel to see those who support their programme.

I will not be attending any more conventions as I have seen a fair amount of the cast now, and they do cost a fair bit. Though I also said that last year and I still ended up going to another one. I love the atmosphere and being surrounded by people who love something just as much as I do. If you ever get the opportunity to do something you love, or to see someone who you admire, go for it!

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  1. wrencollins says:

    The relationship that the actors- and the show as a whole- have with the fandom is really unique here.

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