I saw a tweet on Twitter near the end of last year from @keewa that said – I like seeing people’s selfies, to me it says “Today I feel so good about myself I’ll take a photo” and that’s worth celebrating.

I loved that I stumbled across that tweet because I totally believe the same thing. I felt quite down the first half of last year, I don’t think there was a particular reason, it was just ‘Life’ in general. Then I was lot happier the second half. Another reason I realised this is as I was looking at photographs from last year, I hardly had any pictures of me the first half and yet the second half I had taken more photographs with friends and family and just selfies in general. Some people may find them weird, annoying or vein, although I see them, as in that moment that person felt good about themselves and they took a selfie to celebrate that. The world needs people to feel good and happy about themselves. We should love who we are. Selfies don’t have to be all smiles, they can be awkward faces, silly faces or they may not even have much of an expression. At that moment, that person felt a selfie was something they wanted to do.

These are some selfies I had taken last year, where I felt happy and good about myself.

Photo 29-03-2015 22 22 41


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