Time to travel

After I worked at the Summer camp I was able to travel for up to a month afterwards.

As we said our goodbyes at the camp, a few went home, some went to New York and others went to a few other places. A lot of us filled up a coach that was just for us and we made our way to Boston.


We all stayed in the same hostel but we did our own thing with our group of friends we had made at camp, although we would always seem to bump into each other around Boston which I thought was funny considering it is a big place.

I loved Boston. I fell in love with the city, especially the marina. Some of us went to Salem and for some reason I expected horses and carts, I guess I was living in the past.


After Boston more of us went our separate ways. Myself and a few others flew over to San Francisco. San Francisco is a place I had always dreamed of going and it didn’t let me down.

We stayed in a hostel which had a club underneath and so it was quite noisy. The others would go to the club although as I was not a big drinker I would stay in my room and catch up on some sleep. There was myself and another camp mate in my room with a couple of spare beds so another camp mate joined us as she was sharing a dorm with 10 other people. Our room seemed to be a place everyone would congregate and others who were staying at a hostel down the street ended up staying in my room. There was no place to move!

1936427_241559350525_5308012_n 1936427_241559370525_7310247_n

I absolutely loved San Francisco. We went to China Town, to Pier 39, down town and to the Golden Gate Bridge. I would have loved to have spent more time there.

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 It was absolutely freezing one evening and the next day it was absolutely boiling. We were stood at the end of Pier 39 one night and it literally looked like there was a moving painting in the distance with the way the clouds were moving while the sun was setting. I will never forget that moment.


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