Summer Camp

I had grown up watching a lot of American shows and films. By watching those I had always wanted to go to a summer camp but we didn’t seem to have those in the UK. Not that I knew of anyway.

Then there I was, working at an American Summer camp and I absolutely loved it!

We had an orientation week where we prepared the camp and did some games to get to know each other and know what to expect. A few counselors had been there previous years. There were a lot of big personalities and I was quiet compared to them but I didn’t let that stop me from joining in.

I was a counselor for the ‘Tigers’ who were the youngest day campers. I stayed in a cabin with other counselors while some stayed in cabins with the residential campers. I am glad this is how it worked out for me.

We would wake up by the camp alarm and get ready. I would then go for breakfast with the other counselors and after that we would go to the field and set up to welcome the day campers. We prepared some games and started singing songs once they arrived. When everyone had, we went back up to camp. Our days mostly consisted of outdoor games, crafts, swimming, camp songs, gymnastics and going out on the canoes. There were hard days. Although the good out weighed the bad. After the day campers had gone home I would help with some of the residential campers with various evening activities. We would have talent nights, team games and camp fire nights. I loved the camp fires. Counselors and campers would sing or make up skits. Some of the day campers would stay over for these nights. It was a lot of fun.

Camp was everything I had hoped it would be. I did love it and I am extremely glad that I was able to do it. The camp seemed perfect for me. It wasn’t too big and wasn’t too small.

The counselors had a day and an evening off a week. My evening off was a Wednesday and It worked out that my 21st birthday just happened to be on a Wednesday. That was lucky! We would normally go into town and use the internet at the library to let those at home know what we were up to. One night we had the quickest game of bowling ever. We also regularly went to have ice cream. I think the weight I put on over the summer was due to the amount of ice cream I ate. Our day off would be from one evening to another. I would normally have the Saturday evening to Sunday evening off. On the evening we would normally go to a local bar and dance to songs on the jukebox. They were such fun nights. A lot of the counselors would get very tipsy. I didn’t drink but I still had so much fun. We would spend our nights off in the camp tents which were freezing! There were a lot of laughs though. Again, It’s times like those where I wished I wasn’t quiet. I am sure I would have just doubled the fun. Sunday’s were trip days for the residential campers and so those of us who had it off, would have the whole camp to ourselves. We would play basketball or relax by the lake.

I thought I would have been home sick although I wasn’t. I thought of my family but I was having such a good time and it was everything I had hoped it would be.

I loved my time at camp. I hope that some day if I have children I am in a position to give them the opportunity to go to a camp. Either in the UK or abroad.

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